From 2012 until 1970 with the title of KUŞGÖZ safe manufacture of soft wood and wood production of fruits and vegetables served as a safe . Now, however, started to export fresh fruits and vegetables at the date of 01/11/2013 . KUŞGÖZ Agricultural Packaging, a 40- year work in this sector to provide services . 


Founded in 2008, the founder of Wood Packaging grommets Mustafa KUŞGÖZ I make the most of this flag is now our best to do our best to take forward . Significant contributions to the development of export quality fresh fruits and vegetables Turkey found.

Production for the world market for 40 years and is known for its vast experience in the process of doing business grommets Agricultural Packaging .
The accumulation of a producer , a strong production network, the contract transfers the grommets Agricultural Packaging, safety of agricultural products to the highest standards constantly keeping their experts and external consultants .


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