Satsuma Mandarin 

The variety of seedless fruit. Is one of the earliest varieties of mandarins. Grafted on trifoliate başlar.Ülkemizde foreign cultures, harvested the first week of October, the most important feature unique variety of mandarin. This is the most cold-resistant varieties of citrus mandarin type, ripens, trees, flat shape and few leaves, strong. Convenient storage and transport, yield. Thin shells. Or has a high-quality and aroma.





Trees are powerful. Young and strong branches have small thorns. Early. Are harvested in October. The fruit is flat, large and seedless. Peeled easily and conveniently store is highly appreciated.




Clemantin Mandarin

Nowadays more and more cultivated in the Mediterranean region. Satsuma is a kind of early, such as the harvest begins in mid-October.




Fremont Mandarin

Fremont is a kind of hybrid fruit is round. Tuttuklarından shrinks due to more fruit trees, berries later in life. Therefore need to remain at fruit. Harvest time in December-January and a variety of exportable.




Nova Mandarin 

Fremont and a hybrid like Robinson. These kinds of high-quality fruit ripens in November. Productive species. Fruit trees may be a long time on. Cultivation in the Eastern Mediterranean is increasing rapidly. Nova, with Fina Mandarini Orlando Tangelo hybrid. Cold-resistant variety. Trees are big, strong, bright color and thorns. Depending on the average 5-20 contains the core of pollination. Fruit quality is very high. In some climates, late harvest, wood spills can cause sunburn and prematurely crack the shell. A variety of convenient transportation and storage.




Minneola Mandarin

A hybrid variety. Fruits of these varieties maturing in January and February production has been increasing rapidly in the eastern Mediterranean. Dancy mandarin and Duncan marsh marigold hybrid. Strong, large foliage trees, the leaves are large and pointed. Vearmudi has an image that is quite large fruits. Shell of medium thickness and easy to peel. Increased up to 12, depending on the amount of core pollination is 1-2. Alternaria citri sensitive disease.




King Mandarin

Efficient. Shows periodicity. Fruits are large, thick-skinned, easy to peel. Shells very fatty. A variety of very temporary. Juice less, but sweet and delicious.


High Quality Mandarin

Agricultural Packaging facilities packed mandarins KUŞGÖZ
Under the Good Agricultural Practice, completely produced in a controlled manner.

Pre-harvest measures 12 - 13 Brix sweetness is reached after rigorous analysis of pesticides and chemical residue that is given by the decision of the harvest.


Region and Type

KUŞGÖZ Agricultural Packaging, packing Satsuma mandarin type.

Satsuma mandarins Gumuldur Izmir, Seferihisar, Selcuk, Narlıdere İnciraltı Balçova and cultivated areas.

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