Valencia Orange

The prevalence of this kind in our country is limited, late-season orange orange olarakda world's most widely produced type. The harvest begins in March-April, the ideal maturity period occurs in early June. Must be completed before the end of the harvest in late July. Indeed, the deterioration of the flesh from the start of this month.



Washington orange early variety. At present the culture of the country's most popular table.

Fruit bases hubs. This hub groove and prominent character. 3 rd week of November harvest of this variety starts and continues until the end of January into. Reduce the quality of the fruit harvest delay.

Consists of parthenocarpic fruit. Sometimes it is the kernel, the kernel creates nusellus polyembrionie'den cells like eggs come forward.

Region and Type

KUŞGÖZ Agricultural Packaging, Washington, Valencia oranges and packing Navelina type.

Oranges Koycegiz in Mugla, Antalya Finike cultivated areas.

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