The seeds of the plant to be eaten as fruit, stem and root and branch bark is used as a medicinal and fruit peel. Root and stem bark tannin, starch, and alkaloids (Pelletier) moves. Pomegranate fruit peel tannins, triterpenes and alkaloids comprise less.

Pomegranate tree bark from time immemorial, especially in the intestinal strips (tapeworms) are used to. Caution should be exercised alone could lead to poisoning. Pomegranate fruit peel, against diarrhea (15%) can be used in tea. Also yarn, yellow colors painted. Pomegranate, palpitations good. It strengthens the stomach. Bored with the flesh inside, removes bile, relieves constipation

Türkmenoğlu hicaz narı

Quality and healthy miracle

KUŞGÖZ Agricultural Packaging, Good Agricultural Uygulamalarıkapsamında Hejaz melon in their gardens, as well as the exclusive product of similar quality and safety requirements for manufacturers pomegranates, the packing of the same class.

Each year, carefully followed all the stages of agricultural gardens 13 - 17 Brix value of the achievement of the sweetness of the range is the perfect addition to the results of the chemical analysis given by the decision of the harvest.

Region and Type

In addition to its own production of Manisa, Izmir, Denizli and Muğla yörelerindeki narlarını outstanding gardens are buying a safe product according to the criteria.

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